TrainLNE applies its multidisciplinary testing resources to help manufacturers and distributors of transportation related products to ensure safe, reliable materials, components and finished products.

Contributions to Travel Safety

LNE serves rail, air, shipping and automotive industries, with innovative safety applications:

  • Verification of traffic safety technologies, such as the reliability of breathalyzers used to combat drunk driving and monitoring equipment which measures vehicle speed and distance between vehicles.
  • Research on fire safety and materials including management of the “Transfeu” program, a 10-country project designed to apply fire safety engineering to trains and land transportation.
  • Work with manufacturers of car components and transportation packaging to ensure products function reliably in a real-world environment.

In addition, the automotive, military and aeronautics industries increasingly rely on LNE to test performance of their equipment or components under controlled climatic conditions.

Services provided for the transportation field:

  • Safety
    • Fire reaction and behavior of materials
    • Electrical safety
    • Electromagnetic compatibility
    • Mechanical safety
  • Serviceability
    • Simulation of environment stresses
    • Climatic
    • Mechanical
    • Electromagnetic
    • Corrosion
  • Chemical and physicochemical analysis
    • Infrared spectrometry
    • Paint stability
  • Ergonomics

LNE also offers a range of services to ensure the quality of your manufacturing processes and your products:

  • Metrology
  • Traceability
  • Calibration of measuring instruments and sensors
  • Design of test benches and specific measuring equipment

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