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GMED implemented exceptional provisions to ensure the protection of its employees,  suppliers and customers in the context of the health crisis linked to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

A coordination and monitoring unit has been set up at the LNE Group level, including GMED and GMED North America. The actions and measures to be taken are regularly reassessed according to the evolution of the international health situation.

Canva virus

In North America, the rules for individual protection concerning epidemiological contagion on the basis of recommendations issued by the North American authorities (The United States and Canada) are reminded to all our employees and providers.

All trips to destinations in risk areas established by both European and North American authorities are suspended. This list of risk areas is regularly updated based on the evolution of the situation and the information that reaches us.

In this context, the exceptional arrangements decided may have an impact on the audits planned for the next two months with GMED.

GMED studies each situation on a case-by-case basis and may have to make transitional arrangements (documentary audit and on-site audit planned later on, remote audit, etc.) according to the principles set out in the International Accreditation Forum document Governing crisis situations: document IAF ID3 - Informative Document For Management of Extraordinary Events or Circomstances Affecting Abs, CABs and Certified Organizations.

If necessary, GMED North America invites you to contact without delay, by e-mail, your Certification Project Manager in order to inform us about your specific situation to be assessed, and send a copy to the operations management at the address gmedna-operations@lne-gmed.com (please use the keyword COVID19 in the subject of your email).

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